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Thank You To These Jazz Tales Sponsors

Janet and Lou Russo

Lori Wnek and Steve Aragona

Netta and David Aragona

Andrew Farb
Bangert Piano
Barbara and Steve Abshire
Bonnie and Fred Hughes
Carol Paquette
Christine and James Redman
Cornelia Lischewski
David Einhorn
Denise Conner and Mark Walecka
Diane and Joe Malanga
Easton Utility
Ed Rehfeld
Edith and James Liesener
Emily Groen-White
Fidelity Charitable at the request of the Bodaken-Berstein Family Fund
Fred Guion
Geraldine Pilzer
Glenn Scimonelli
Gloria Freihage
Hilda and Doug Adams
Huong and Paul Langosch
Janet and Lou Russo
Jayme and Aldo Russo
Jeff Germaine Fritz
Jennie Hyatt
Jeri and Al Teplin
Joan Levy and Simon Arnstein
Joe Esposito
Joel Todd
John Pineda
John Tolle
John Zontek
Judy and Archie Tinelli
Kevin Givens
Legal Assets
Lentz Audio and Video
Lewis Markoff
Linwood Norman
Lori Anschuetz
Lori Wnek and Steven J Aragona
Manny Bobenrieth
Marianne Meadows
Margaret and William Krantz
Mark Schulman
Marty and Al Sikes
Mary Ann Henker
Mary Malkus
Maureen and Phil Abele
Michael Bodaken
Netta and David Aragona
Nina and Robert Schwartz
Patricia and John Malin
Pete Magoon
Pew Charitable Trust
Preston Auto Group
Queenstown Bank
Reginald Upshaw
Rena Grimmer and Michael Patton
Robert Howe
Robert Warakomsky
Ron and Colleen Luzier
Russo Consultants
Ruth Heltne
Sarah and Charlie Doherty
Shari and John Zimmerman
Susan and Gary Hilbert
Susan and Michael Ressler
Talbot Arts
Teresa Wesch
Terry and Bill Witowsky
The Maryland State Arts Council
The New Holland Band
Tim Sandusky
Tracy and Tommy Cecil
Vickie and Dan LeDuc
Warren Francis
Warren Harrold
William Krantz